Welcome to Central Ohio Pediatric
Behavioral Health

Our Mission is to improve mental health and wellbeing by empowering children and families to be the best versions of themselves.


Treatment Tailored     To You


Central Ohio Pediatric Behavioral Health is a child, adolescent, young adult, and family therapy practice in Westerville, Ohio. We offer individual, parent-only, and family therapy sessions. Our team of three clinicians is committed to facilitating positive transformation in the lives of individuals and families.

Wondering if COPBH is a good fit for you and your family? Here are some things we think set us apart.

Personalized Attention

We intentionally limit the number of families each clinician works with, allowing you to receive more focused and individualized care. 

Shorter Wait Times

Clients can expect that they will be offered an intake appointment within one week and be able to see their therapist regularly.

Tailored Therapy Approaches

With fewer clients, our clinicians have the time to customize their approaches, fostering a more personalized and effective therapeutic relationship.

Holistic Care

COPBH dedicates extra time to plan and coordinate your care comprehensively, emphasizing the importance of your entire mental health journey. This includes family, school, and healthcare providers among others.

Client-Centered Approach

Our client-centered approach empowers you to actively participate in decisions, ensuring your family’s individual needs and preferences guide the path to well-being.

Meaningful Expertise

COPBH’s commitment to high-quality mental health services involves our clinicians excelling in specific areas, providing you with specialized guidance for your unique concerns.


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